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Continuous Vocational Re-Training Center of the Chamber of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

 GEMISEM; was founded pursuant to the “GEMISEM Regulation” which entered into force as of June 14th, 2005 upon decree of the Chamber’s Executive Board in its Meeting No. 39/62 based on its authorization granted by the Chamber’s 39th General Assembly held in 2004.

The objective of the Regulation is, by providing on-the-job-training to member engineers with respect to scientific and technologic developments including/pertaining to the professional and scientific studies of the members of our Chamber and the work they have been performing; to identify the authorized members, to have determined and certified their expertise by our Chamber and to ensure that the authorized members are suggested to the public when necessary. On-the-job-trainings, exams and certification to be given with respect to competence and expertise is effected by GEMISEM.

According to the regulation, the determination of the subjects of on-going-trainings, the preparation of contents and programs of the courses, the arrangement/publication of training documents, the determination of trainers, the selection of training locations, the arrangement of the fees of the trainers and the trainings, the certification of the participants, the recording of such certifications and register such records in the member registers, to forward the qualifications and competencies received as a result of the trainings to the concerned institutions and organizations by formal notice is to be conducted by GEMISEM.

Out Executive Board of the 45th Term has appointed our member Mr. Ahmet Gültekin Avcı as Coordinator of GEMISEM.

The operation field of GEMISEM is not limited with the Head Office but includes all regions where the branches, agencies and contact offices are in service.

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