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Documents to be submitted to the Chamber for Membership Application;

1- Member Registration and Information Update Form

2- Original or Notary certified Diploma

3- 3 passport photos


Note: We will take the photocopies of the Diplomas after having seen the originals. In case that the persons do not apply in person but via mail instead, a notary certified copy of the diploma shall be sent along weith the other required documents.



Chamber Membership

Article 7 – Following requirements must be met in order to become a member of the Chamber;

a) To be Turkish Citizen and to have a license diploma issued by institutions giving education in naval architecture and/or marine engines and/or marine technology engineering within the borders of Turkey or a graduation certificate granted upon a decree of faculty board of directors; and in case of graduates of universities abroad, the member candidates must have an equivalency certificate approved by the Turkish Council of Higher Education. Undergraduate education is basic for Chamber registration and performance of the profession. Registration at the Chamber based on titles awarded through post graduate education is not permitted.

b) Chamber memberships of engineers who are employed at state institutions and organizations and state and public economic enterprises and institutions are at the discretion of the engineers However, such persons shall have their rights in terms of their profession, through the authorization of their fellows registered with the Chamber and are liable with respect to the tasks given by them, when performing the works required as to their duties.

c) Memberships of persons who are members of the Turkish Armed Forces is also at their discretion; however, those persons cannot take Office in the Chamber organs. The non-membership of such persons does not constitute any hindrance for them to work at offices related to their profession, to carry out their professional services, to exercise their authorities, to give professional education and training, to join scientific studies of the Chamber with the permission of institution superiors under the condition to comply with other terms and provisions of laws, their liability to comply with professional rules and terms, to be inflicted disciplinary punishments by the honorary board, to freely carry out their professions under the terms provided by special laws and to take official or special offices.

ç) Foreign naval architects and naval architects with master’s degree who have been lawfully permitted to work in Turkey can become non-permanent members by decree of the Chamber’s Executive Board. Non-permanent members shall have all the rights and responsibilities as of the full members but cannot participate at elections and cannot take office in the Chamber organs.

d) Applicants to the Chamber who are students of naval architecture and/or marine engines and/or marine technology engineering departments within the borders of Turkey may register with the Chamber in the student member status.

e) Such persons who have made special contributions to the profession of Marine Engineering as well as real and legal persons who have displayed works and assistance throughout the country in line with the objectives of the Chamber and naval architects and/or marine mechanical engineers and/or marine (marine technology) engineers who have completed a certain number of years may be awarded the title of special member upon proposal of the Chamber’s Executive Board and by decree of the Chamber’s General Assembly, whereby the status is set forth in a separate regulation. Such title may be withdrawn by the Chamber’s General Assembly upon the Chamber’s Executive Board and by receiving the opinion of the Honorary Board.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Members

Article 8 – Members registered with the Chamber have the following duties and responsibilities:

a) Engineers and engineers with Masters Degree who, having obtained their diploma and license, are entitled, to work in Turkey in fields related with marine engineering and to give professional training and education, must register with the Chamber and receive an ID-Card and fulfill their liabilities.

b) Those who fail to obtain their Chamber ID-Cards or those whose cards have been drawn back due to any reason and have not been renewed, cannot practice their profession.

c) Members of the Chamber must not use any title other that those which have been lawfully granted to them. Such professional title is used next to the staff titles in public and private institutions at which the Chamber members are employed.

ç) Members who do not wish to continue their professional activity for any reason or wish to resign their membership while working at institutions and organizations listed in Article 7, sub-article (b) of this Regulation, may resign from their membership under the condition to give written notice to the Chamber’s Executive Board, to document if necessary, to return the Chamber ID-Card and to pay all membership fees which are due to that time. 

d) In case that members who have resigned from their memberships re-apply for membership to the Chamber, the registration is made according to the provisions for new members.

e) The memberships of members who carry out their military service may be suspended for the time of their service.


f) The memberships of members who go abroad will be frozen optionally and under the condition to give notice in prior, for the time of their stay abroad. Such members won’t pay their membership fees for such period. However, the application of this provision is only possible if the time of their stay abroad is documented properly.

g) The yearly membership fee is paid either in advance within a calendar year or at the dates specified and announced by the Chamber’s Executive Board. The list of members who failed to pay their membership fees is issued at the end of the year and such members will be given a payment period of 30 days. Legal proceedings will be commenced against those who fail to pay their membership fees within the said time. The payable amount up to the date of their resignation will be valid even if such members have resigned from their memberships.

h) Members whose memberships have been suspended or frozen due to any reason won’t be able to use their membership rights and to take office in any Chamber organ.

ı) In line with the Main Regulation of TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) as per Law No. 6235, published in the Official Gazette dd. 2/12/2002 and No. 24954, Members of the Chamber carry out professional works to achieve the goals of the Chamber and takes care to establish and maintain close relationship with the Chamber. The Members must not engage in competition so as to violate the general interests of the profession and professional community and must not act against professional dignity. In case the Chamber requests their arbitration, testimony and know-how, the members must not deny their will other than due to urgent reasons.

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