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Vision and Mission

Our Chamber’s Vision:

“To be a prestigious professional organization through its pro-labor, inventive and advanced approaches, obtaining its power from the participation of its members and the guidance of science.”

Out Chamber’s Mission:

From the view of marine engineers;

  • To protect their professional dignity and their rights and competencies;
  • To meet their common professional needs,
  • To facilitate their professional activities,
  • To maintain professional discipline and ethics so as to ensure the dominance of honesty and reliance with each other and in their relationship with the public.

From the view of the Profession of Marine Engineering;

  • To provide for its development in line with public weal,
  • To establish relationships with national and international fields where applicable and to represent the profession,
  • To engage in and undertake activities in subjects relating to their interests and professional fields in terms of education, researches, studies etc., to share the results with members, concerned persons and the society via publications, congresses, symposiums and other means and to prepare and put into force any kinds of legal regulations so as to regulate the field of profession and the practice of the profession.



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