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The Chamber was founded in Istanbul at the date of December 11, 1954.
(Established by the Association of Turkish Maritime Engineers after the Law of Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects was enacted in 1954, it is the first Professional Chamber of Engineers of Turkey).


All of the following groups which are professionally active can become members of the Chamber:


Naval Architects

Marine Mechanical Engineers

Shipbuilding and Maritime Mechanical Engineers

Naval Architects and Maritime Engineers

Ocean Technology Engineers

Ship Construction Engineers

Objectives and Tasks

To participate at all attempts and activities deemed necessary to gain benefits for the public and the country, to contribute to the progress of the country in all fields associated with maritime engineering services, to the development of the profession, and to protect the professional dignities, rights and authorities of its members,

To provide necessary assistance and suggestions by cooperating with official authorities and other institutions with respect to works relating with the country’s and profession’s benefits; to prepare all executive rules related with the profession; to work out, establish, change and renew as well as to audit the application of norms, technical specifications, type agreements, shipyard and factory operation procedures, productivity-increasing systems and similar subjects in line with technical principles relating to any works with respect to ship hulls, engines and equipment for the production, recycling and repair of all floating vehicles to be used on lakes, rivers and seas either with or without engine and are made of wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete and other materials,

To establish and to join laboratories to be used in the determination of technical features of any types of materials, equipment and devices used in the industry of ship and marine engines construction,

To join relationships with international institutions for subjects relating to safety of life and property on seas, prevention of sea pollution and other subjects concerning similar expertise, to establish class societies the principles of which are determined through international rules and/or to join such societies within and out of the country or to act as consultants, agents and arbitrators in similar fields; to represent naval architecture and Turkish naval architects nationally and internationally,
To arrange the professional works and reciprocal relationships of its members according to their fields of expertise and in line with the Laws and Regulations; to grant certificates the procedure of which is regulated with a separate regulation, to audit such certificates and to cancel them if necessary; to protect the professional code of ethics and solidarity; to set-up and implement rules the compliance with which is obligatory to ensure that the profession is practiced in accordance with the legal and technical rules and to protect the professional dignity of its members and to ensure professional discipline through their rights and authorities, and to carry out all works that are necessary with this respect; to carry out researches, analyses, tests and studies with respect to directing the country’s economy, the ship construction industry and technology, to found competent bodies to carry out scientific researches and join such types of works in foreign countries,
To organize apprenticeships, courses, seminars, conferences and study programs both within and outside the country in fields which relate to this profession and which can contribute to the country’s industrial development with the purpose of developing the profession and ensure the progressing of its members in their profession, while taking technologic development into consideration, and to give advises in this matter to related institutions, to open up training courses fort he purpose of coaching technical craft in various branches of the profession and to make any attempts for this purpose, to open courses for providing training in the construction, transport and management of floating vehicles and any kinds of machines and devices used on such vehicles as well as in the use, maintenance and keeping of other technical equipment, and to issue related certificates, to establish relationships with other institutions to provide effectivity of such certificates,

To carry out researches in order to determine the present and future need for naval architects and craft for the ship construction industry on the level of international technical development and in accordance with the speed of development of the national economy and industry and to make respective suggestions to the related authorities,

To carry out analyses and research so as to lead the national interests to the highest level in terms of sea transport services and respectively to assist in establishing a national policy in these terms; concordantly, to make suggestions to the Ministry and related institutions in terms of leading the ship construction industry to a national policy and to studiously follow-up such subjects and continue the works,

To publish any kinds of books, newspapers, magazines, bulletins etc. publications to be used for the purpose of the above described subjects and duties, to gather documents for the same purpose, to join any works and studies to be carried out in the judicative, executive and legislative organs in all matters relating to their fields of expertise; to communicate their opinions and suggestions and to make statements.



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